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Flathead Valley Climate
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The high mountains of the Continental Divide to the east provide protection from the Great Plains Climate while the mountains to the west interrupt passage of the Great Basin Climate found in Spokane. Also, water surfaces from the many lakes and rivers in the valley tend to moderate temperatures in both winter and summer. The weather ranges from moderately dry summer and autumn to moderately wet winter and spring. Precipitation ranges from 16 inches on the valley bottoms to more that 100 inches on the mountain tops. On the valley bottoms about half of the annual precipitation falls as snow, while up to 60 percent of the precipitation at the higher elevations is snow. The average temperature is 27 degrees Fahrenheit in January and 74 degrees in July. Average wind velocities range for 5 to 6.8 mph, with the highest average in April and May. Flathead Valley has an elevation of about 3000 feet above sea level. The highest mountain peaks in the nearby Rocky Mountains are over 10,000 feet above sea level.

The temperatures can vary dramatically within the Flathead Valley from areas that are only a few miles apart. Our location at 480 Bad Rock Drive enjoys temperatures which are about ten 10 degrees warmer than surrounding areas. Precipitation varies accordingly. Flowers can be in bloom at this location while Whitefish will still have snow on the ground.

Average Temperatures, source Kalispell Chamber of Commerce:
January high 27, low 11
February high 34, low 16
March high 41, low 20
April high 54, low 30
May high 64, low 38
June high 70, low 44
July high 81, low 48
August high 79, low 46
September high 68, low 39
October high 54, low 31
November high 39, low 23
December high 31, low 17

Zero degree days: 17
90+ degree days: 15
Precipitation days: 131
Storm days: 23

Dress in layers to allow for the large temperature shifts during summer days. Always have a rain jacket or wind breaker in the mountainsl





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