Badrock Bed & Breakfast Guide (where all your questions are answered) 

Welcome to Bad Rock Bed & Breakfast

Speed Limit - 10 mph (16 kph)

NO SMOKING  In Any Room or Building

We thank you for your observance of our smoking policy & speed limit.

Breakfast is at 8:30 am.  Earlier or later breakfast by prior arrangement.

1. Please do not wear hiking boots or walking shoes in the house or cabins after you have been out hiking.   Please take your hiking boots off outside.  There are mats in the rooms for boots.  There are plastic sandals and disposable slippers for your use.

2. No burning of candles in your room - for obvious reasons.  And how embarrassing to have the smoke detectors go off and the fire engines arrive during a romantic interlude.

3. Please do not bring camping gear into your room.  We have plenty of space in our work-shop/garage for gear to be laid out, cleaned, dried and packed.

4. Phone Calls.  Dial “9” to get an outside line.  Local calls are free.  To call other rooms dial Room 1: 21, 2:22, 3:23, 4:24, 5:25, 6:26, 7:27, 8:18, Office:10.   Emergency dial 9 then 911.

5. Towels.  Please hang up towels if you wish to reuse them.  Otherwise place them in the laundry basket to receive a new one.

6. Check Out is 11:00 am.  If you need additional time or suitcase storage, please let us know.

7. Tips.  All tips left in your room go to the girls who clean them.

8. Ice.  There is an ice machine in the kitchen.  There is also an ice maker in the refrigerator of the Recreation Room.  Ice buckets are located in the dining room on the cereal shelf.

9. Children.  Please watch your children when outside.  The waterfall and rock wall are dangerous.  Please do not allow children on any of the rocks or in the pools.  There are tractors and equipment around and should not be climbed on.  Other dangers exist so please keep your children safe at all times.  Your children’s safety is your responsibility and not that of Bad Rock B&B staff.

10.  Kayaks/Bicycle Use.  You MUST sign a waiver to use these.  Just let us know.

Please help keep our linens stain free - if you are into body oils, lotions or tooth whitening solutions, remember that some of them stain, so use them at your own risk.  Our duvet covers and sheets are expensive.

Now that we have that over, turn the page to learn all about enjoying your stay with us.